The following is a true account of a single experience with the powerful freedom and healing God promises his children. (Mark 7:27) It has been posted with permission only after being read thoroughly and approved by the person who is currently living out this miraculous testimony. For privacy, the name of the individual involved has been changed. 

Jessica’s Deliverance Story

Jessica grew up in a loving Christian family, faithfully attended an established church, and was instructed from early in life how to read her Bible and pray effectively. She reached out to us because she had been struggling with demonic dreams that scared her and made her feel distant from God. As we talked, she confessed her ongoing struggles with lust as well as an eating disorder that had plagued her throughout her teenage years and stuck with her into adulthood. She was concerned because she truly didn’t want to deal with these sins and ailments any longer, but kept feeling like she was powerless to overcome them alone. 

Cindy and I prayed for wisdom and direction as God allowed us to walk Jessica through a beautiful path to freedom and healing. Jesus revealed the lies the enemy has been forcing on her while revealing the truth He saw about her. We dealt with the evil spirits that were the root cause of her ongoing problems and commanded them to leave her in Jesus’ name. We were led to encourage Jessica to read about the life of David in the Bible, and Jessica left our meeting in joy and excitement about her newfound freedom as God released her from the strongholds of tormenting dreams, inadequacy, and lust. 

Several months later, Jessica reached back out for help as she was doing much better overall but found herself struggling with regular evil thoughts even though she was resisting the temptation. We walked her through a simple process God regularly uses in our sessions where we discovered her problem was a connection to the spirit of fantasy. We rejected that spirit in Jesus’ name and taught her a procedure for taking every thought captive (2 Cor 10:5). Jessica now walks in victory and joy for the journey into which God has called her. 

Jessica’s Perspective

On the topic of her deliverance meetings, Jessica has this to say:

There are just certain sins you don’t tell people; or at least that’s what I used to think. After enough time had passed, I got comfortable living in spiritual bondage. Frequently attending church, serving in ministry, and fellowshipping with right friends and church members dampened the pain of spiritual unrest. The weight of my past mistakes and ongoing nightmares became too heavy, however, and I knew that James 5:16 was the answer. I had to confess my faults to someone to be healed, even if I didn’t know how I could admit the sins I deemed too embarrassing or dark for a “church girl” like me.

It’s difficult to truly express a life changing experience, but during my session with Cameron and Cindy, I felt that Jesus was with me. To continue in His presence, I knew I’d have to plunge in deeper, out of my comfort zone and into what was separating us. Jesus brought to my remembrance sins I had completely forgotten about, and things I didn’t realize were connected to my nightmares. I was able to confess darknesses that had plagued my life stretching years back. There was great freedom in that I could also admit I didn’t really know how to overcome those darknesses on my own.

Cameron and Cindy guided me through God’s word, and I was able to experience a very personal moment with Jesus. I felt that he met with me right in my seat to take all of the darkness away; demons of self-hatred, lust and vanity were commanded in His name to release me from their influence. Because I had the courage to confess, the desire to change, God did what only he can do and changed my heart! The heaviness I began to normalize for so long was lifted, and my eyes were opened to what true spiritual freedom felt like. I have been able to experience an unstoppable joy and peace since then; and I will never go back!

Though I still struggle with the occasional evil thought, I was empowered that night with the right tools to fight the wiles of the Devil. Cameron and Cindy reminded me of my identity as a daughter of the King, the Father’s undaunting love, and the gifts He has given to me to use for His glory. I am forever changed, a new creature. 


God still heals! If you relate to Jessica’s story at all, it is God’s heart to bring freedom to you as well! Don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing us at 

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